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What's your cup of tea?

Over the past week we have noticed a decidedly autumn feel in the air with cool, crisp evenings replacing those warm, lingering breezes of summer. While drinking tea all year-long is a great practice to adopt, it always feels so much cozier and soothing on autumn and winter nights!  And the best part-we can improve our health as we sip.

Tea leaves contain powerful antioxidants called polyphenols that help to prevent cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and other chronic problems. Polyphenols are normally found in large amounts in fruits, vegetables, grains, coffee, and wine. The specific polyphenols in tea are called catechins or EGCG, which are more powerful than the polyphenols contained anywhere else in nature.

Here is a quick guide to some of the more popular teas and their health benefits. 

Matcha Green: Boosts metabolism, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol. Anti-oxidizing

Turmeric: Staves off Alzheimer's disease, anti-inflammatory

Chamomile: Calms nerves, regulates diabetes, improves complexion

Peppermint: Improves digestion

Rooibos: Anti-inflammatory

Fennel: Cleanses the blood, boosts immune system

Echinacea: Improves cold, flu and sinusitis symptoms

White: fights cardiovascular disease, potentially fights cancer

Raspberry Leaf: Eases canker and cold sores, helps with anemia, promotes uterine health

Oolong: Removes free radicals, ease dermatitis, promotes bone health

Ginger: Helps with circulation, filled with Vitamin C

Orange Peel: Combats aging process, reduces acne and inflammation

Sencha Green: Boosts metabolism, increases energy, brightens skin

Black: Fortifies lungs, helps decrease likelihood of dementia

It is fun to experiment and taste different teas. Let us know if you have a favorite or try new varieties that you think we should try too!

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