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Valentine's Day: a prelude to spring!

Valentine’s Day…often called the most commercial holiday on the calendar. While it is always a nice excuse to celebrate our loved ones I was pleasantly surprised when I looked into the origin of the holiday.

As early as 476 A.D. the Romans held a festival called Luercalia in the middle of February. The purpose of this festival was to celebrate the official start to their spring season! While we still have about four more weeks until the start of our spring, it does feel like the light at the end of the tunnel. Though it hasn’t been a particularly harsh winter here in the northeast, those short and dark days certainly take their toll.

On this Valentine’s Day, here are ways you can celebrate the coming of spring--and bring a loved one along too!

  • Hiking is an activity that we can do year-round. Taking in cold air has proven health benefits, so don’t feel you have to wait for warmer weather! Cold air exposure reduces allergies and inflammation, may burn more calories as your body works to maintain it’s core temperature and improves sleep. Harriman State Park is loaded with beautiful trails if you are local.

  • Purchase some fresh cut flowers-and they don’t have to be roses. Flowers bring a positive energy and source of new life into any space. If you like fragrant blooms, try gardenias or hyacinth.

  • Make an appointment at the spa! Massages are always wonderful but perhaps try something a little different. Exfoliation and body wraps are excellent ways to renew and refresh your skin while giving your spirit an uplifting boost too!

  • Visit a local farmer’s market. Eating with the seasons is one way we can keep our diet and appetite on track. Giving our bodies what is naturally available does not have to be limiting. Farmer’s markets are great places to explore new foods, learn about different cooking techniques and remind us to enjoy nourishing our bodies. Citrus is plentiful through February and in to March—all flavors that definitely feel like warm weather is approaching!

We hope you enjoy this Happy Valentine’s Day…and happy almost spring!


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