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As we close this decade...

It seems almost impossible, yet here we are at the end of another decade! 

When the ball drops in just a few short weeks we will all be stepping foot into the new world of the '20s (roaring or otherwise yet to be determined!). This got me thinking about our current decade and all of the events that have transpired in the last ten years. Let's see if you would have guessed that these milestones all occurred between 2010-2019-some surprised me!

April 2010: The very first Apple iPad was released. It feels as thought these have been around forever!

April 2011: Prince William and Catherine Middleton wed as 22.8 million viewers from around the world watched.  They are now parents to three children!

April 2013: On this day we watched in horror as one of the most iconic sporting events in the US was attacked by terrorists-the Boston Marathon bombing. #bostonstrong became one of the most used hashtags across social media platforms.

February 2015: Who remembers the infamous dress that captured our attention-was it white and gold or black and blue? We still do not know the answer, almost 5 years later!

August 2017: We experienced a total eclipse of the sun...the first that was visible across the entire US since June 1918.

January 2018: Hawaii was in a panic when there was a false missile warning issued to millions of cell phones. 38 minutes passed before it was declared a false alarm.

April 2019: Scientists produced the first ever image of a black hole, reigniting our collective interest in these unfathomable and mysterious phenomena.



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