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Plan with purpose for a life well lived.

Team up with a financial advisor that understands your unique relationship with money. 

Parks Wealth Management is an independent wealth management firm in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Our Holistic Approach

You are more than your wealth. We focus on helping you pursue your life goals.  

Modern Tools, Your Advantage

24/7 tracking of your personal finances and the status of your financial goals.

Acting With Your Interests in Mind

An obligation to do what's right, with no proprietary investment products.


Why people choose to work with Parks Wealth Management.

We work with a diverse group of families, providing them with added confidence in their financial lives.

We pride ourselves most on the true family environment that exists at Parks Wealth Management.

You can speak with one of our current clients to learn more about their experience with us. Just ask!

  • We can help simplify your life.
    Staying on top of your finances is a full-time job. Think of us as your personal CFO. We’re focused on adding convenience and simplicity to your financial life.
  • There's no one quite like you.
    We each have our own beliefs about money and what’s important. Honest conversations between us form the foundation of your financial plan.
  • We help you pursue financial wellness.
    That means striving towards a balance between spending, saving, and investing so that you may experience an enjoyable life, pay for what matters most, fund a comfortable retirement and leave a lasting legacy.
  • We can work together from anywhere.
    While we would love to welcome you into our office, we understand that scheduling and distance can make it difficult. We offer both phone call and screenshare meetings that allow us to connect wherever you are.
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We make the complex simple.

You may be wondering where to place your financial priorities. 

How much should you be putting away for retirement, and when? Should you pay more on your debt? Set aside money for education? Buy a home? Buy a second home?

Let us be your guide, helping you to access the information you need to increase your financial knowledge and ability to find a plan that fits your life, identify short and long-term goals and providing strategies to help you pursue them.

How we do it →

You're here for a reason.

Does the thought of retirement give you anxiety? Or maybe you don't have time to do it yourself. Perhaps you're just interested in leading a healthier financial life.

Whatever the reason, we get it. 

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