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Our Approach

Investing, financial planning, wealth management. What does all of it actually mean? It can be confusing to know what your financial adviser actually does for you, and what else might be available to help you work toward your financial goals.

At Parks Wealth Management, our focus is on helping our clients pursue financial wellness. That means striving towards a balance between spending, saving, and investing so that you may experience an enjoyable life, pay for what matters most, fund a comfortable retirement and leave a lasting legacy. 

To this end, we are guided by four core principles that lie at the heart of everything we do.


We believe that the best way to serve our clients is to walk beside them during important financial decisions that occur in their lives. To do so, we first must earn your trust.  In order to give you the appropriate and informed financial advice, we approach our relationship with each client as a personal one first and foremost. After all, our life priorities generally aren’t centered around the act of accumulating wealth, but rather in our desires to enjoy family, friendship, happiness and good health. Only by understanding how you actualize each of these personal values and how you prioritize them allows us to define and execute your financial plan to pursue them. During our initial meeting, we not only use our time to get to know you, but strive to leave you feeling comfortable talking about your personal and financial situations, secure in our commitment to working alongside you with complete trust and transparency. 


After learning about your circumstances, current financial situation, and your life goals we can begin to create models, aided by our robust tools and technology, to recommend a financial plan with all of your unique variables accounted for. Parks Wealth Management offers a broad spectrum of investment vehicles that allow us to recommend the most sound strategy for working towards your goals.  And since we understand that life happens, you can count on us to actively oversee your financial plan and positions to help you stay on course when changes to you circumstances occur.  Our team approach ensures that each and every client benefits from our collective experience in portfolio management, strategy, investments and operations.


In today’s world, personal communication often seems to be sacrificed for a perceived uptick in efficiency and speed in getting a task done.  We don’t subscribe to this belief. Instead, we know that through constant communication and prioritizing solid client relationships that we are better positioned to act on your behalf as soon a situation arises.  By taking the time to know our clients, we believe our relationship model is both deeply personal and highly informed and efficient. 

Our office doors and our phone lines are always open, and we encourage clients to connect with us anytime there are questions, concerns or changes in circumstances—but as importantly, when you just have a bit of good personal news to share.  While we provide monthly and/or quarterly account reports, we also expect to meet with clients on a regular basis to review your portfolio and touch base on a more personal level as well.  Throughout the year, you can expect proactive communications from our team sharing our market insights, commentary on current events and personal notes to mark your significant milestones!

Honesty and Transparency

Our commitment to honesty and transparency forms the backbone of our client service model.  All along the way, we provide clients with tools to monitor their financial well-being.  This begins with our promise to work in alignment with your best interests in each and every recommendation we make and transaction we execute on your behalf. And as mentioned, our focus on communication ensures that we can do our very best to keep this promise.  Our desire to offer complete transparency to our clients also drives our decisions about investment in technologies.  We are proud to offer the Parks Wealth Management Solutions Dashboard which provides access to your real-time, holistic portfolio information.  This brief video gives you a snapshot of what this powerful tool can do.

Through our unfailing belief in these core principles, we constantly strive to provide an unmatched level of service to our clients.  We invite you to call, or click here to schedule and introductory meeting with our team.