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Parks Wealth Management provides a broad spectrum of investment strategies to help you pursue your life goals, through every stage of your life. 

Build: Investments and Cash

Planning for a fruitful financial life begins during your most professionally productive period, the building years.  These years are also often those during which you may start a family, purchase a home and make other substantial decisions impacting your financial well-being.  Depending upon your specific situation and your tolerance for risk, we can construct the right financial plan to keep you on track towards your goals while enjoying these exciting years.

Protect: Estate Planning, Insurance

As your wealth grows, our aim is to protect your assets while aligning them to your future goals.  By understanding your mid- to long-term goals, we can recommend financial vehicles in the event that life throws you a curveball, all while continuing to invest in your sound financial future.

Provide:  Trust, Education, Estate Planning, Insurance and Elder Care

More so than ever before families are spanning three and sometimes four generations as life expectancy continues to increase.  This relatively new dynamic means that many families are now planning for both their children’s educations and care for their aging parents, all while looking ahead to their own retirement.  Prioritizing these major life events and ensuring a financial plan that addresses all of these goals allows you to provide for your family and loved ones without undue financial worry or stress.

Enjoy: Retirement Planning, Investments and Cash

When the time comes to retire, be secure in the knowledge that you are financially prepared to cover living expenses while enjoying these years.  It is important to continually evaluate your circumstances to ensure that your financial plan remains aligned to your lifestyle. 

Preserve: Gifting, Philanthropy, Trust and Estate Planning

Whether you wish to conserve your wealth for future generations, or use it to affect good for causes close to your heart, wealth preservation and legacy planning strategies are essential considerations.