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Happy Mother's Day!

| May 11, 2018
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This Sunday, we celebrate Mom!  We send cards, take her to brunch, shower her with gifts and flowers and make sure she feels loved and appreciated.  It is a day to recognize all of the women in our lives—our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends—who deserve a little extra pampering on Mother’s Day. 

So just how much do we spend to show our moms we love them? 

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) we will set aside $23.1 billion this year celebrating Mother’s Day, a near record!  Shoppers will spend an average of $180 on gifts for their loved ones. 

We will spend the most money in the jewelry stores, purchasing $4.6 billion in sparkly accessories, while greeting cards still take the prize as the most popular way to recognize mom with 77% of us sending a special message signed, sealed and stamped.

Thinking of splurging on some beautiful blooms?  We hope you ordered ahead!  Nearly 70% of us have the same idea, and often florists can’t fulfill those last minute orders.  Carnations are the traditional choice but the trend is moving towards vibrant, bold bunches to say “I Love You.”

Those of us who take our moms out for a special meal are in good company.  55% of us will join together around tables and spend $4.4 billion on special outings, like brunch or dinner. 

While Mother’s Day has become very commercialized, we can still pause on Sunday to observe the original intent for the holiday: to celebrate, remember and honor the women who we love and who have helped shape our lives.  From the team at Parks Wealth Management, we send our best wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day to all of our friends celebrating this weekend!

Do you have a special Mother’s Day tradition?  Share with us in the comments!

Oh, and don’t forget to call the special women in your life!  Yours will be one of 122 million calls made on Sunday.


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