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Celebrate World Oceans Day on Saturday!

| June 07, 2019
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In December 2008, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution officially recognizing June 8th as World Oceans Day.  Since then this global day of recognition has grown in both its scope and impact focusing on protecting and restoring our oceans.  To celebrate, we are sharing some interesting facts and also fun ways that you can join in on this very important global holiday!

It is always astonishing to hear that our oceans cover 71% of Earth’s surface, and hold 97% of our water.  Our lands feel so vast it seems impossible that we can walk on less than 30% of our planet!  Our oceans are integral in regulating our weather and climate, as water evaporating from the oceans falls inland, providing us with the water we use for everything from drinking to growing crops.

Scientists are continually discovering medical compounds including anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer drugs in the oceans.  Recently NOAA scientists discovered a chemical in sponges and corals that breaks down the shield bacteria use to protect themselves against antibiotics, a huge breakthrough for science and medicine.  Antibiotic-resistant bacteria pose a significant threat to humans leaving the potential for infections and viruses that we have easily treated in our lifetimes to again become deadly threats.  Copying these chemicals in a laboratory allows us to preserve the marine life while developing an important new line of drugs to ward off illnesses.

This weekend, here are some great ideas to help celebrate World Oceans Day!

  • Click here to access the official Global Oceans Day Events List to see what is happening in and around your local community:
  • The weather looks great here in the New York metro area! The best way to celebrate is by enjoying time on the beach and in the ocean!
  • If you prefer to be indoors, visit a local aquarium. Many will be screening films and offering special exhibits in honor of World Oceans Day.
  • Wear blue tomorrow! And if you are on social media, the hashtag #worldoceansday will be trending, so share your photos of your time by the sea.
  • Commit to using reusable water bottles and grocery bags. Even just reducing our plastic consumption makes a big difference for the health of our oceans
  • Take a break from consuming seafood on Saturday to give the oceans a rest. Click here for an interactive guide to help you make ocean-friendly seafood choices too:

 We hope you enjoy the weekend and if your plans involve a trip to the beach, please share photos with us!


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